Inductive Charger

Isn’t it ridiculous to keep on tripping over electric wires or entangling with appliance cords? One night, you decide to play your favourite video game console. BAM! You have to slither through the corners of your home, blindly searching the male plug of whichever electronic device you are looking for. Come to think of it, a video game console experience needs a television set, the console itself and sound system! That’s about three long wires to wrestle with. Don’t fret, this is problem is easily solved with dedicated sockets for every (almost) immovable appliances.


Here comes a huge list of problems:  cellphones, handheld game consoles, laptops, tablets and everything that requires charging. Each of these gadgets needs their own chargers, and another lengthy power cord to deal with, again. Worse, even being the same gadget, they don’t necessarily share the same charging unit. You can’t dedicate sockets too, since you are not going to charge these things on the same place! Technology has betrayed us!

Not really.

Inductive chargers are now available commercially.

What are inductive chargers? you ask.

Inductive chargers are pieces of equipment that transfer energy by using electromagnetic field through inductive coupling. As of this writing, inductive charging can only function in short distances. The current technology today relies more on the kind of inductive charging called direct wired contact. Direct wired contact charging connects devices with wires and docking stations. One popular example of this is Energizer’s Inductive Charger, which follows the Qi standard.

Inductive chargers function by charging a power supply inductively. Electromagnetic field alternates within its charging station. A secondary coil in the charged device collects power from the field and then readily converts it back to electric current for it to charge the battery.

Commercial inductive chargers allow several different devices to charge simultaneously. It is also worth noting that charging through this method takes more or less the same amount of time as traditional wall charging. You are not giving up function for order.

Inductive chargers are not cheap. They are not that expensive either.  Remember, supporting a technology makes it cheaper and allows the developers to continue in innovating it. The advancement of inductive chargers opens up vast opportunities for technology. You may one day experience mass adoption of wireless electricity that stretches across country, across oceans. But for now, you have to settle for clutter-free life.

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